Ballerina jumping of joy


Digital Divas

Hi, hello, ciao!

How are you today? I can say I have a little man in my head –  a smurf, if you want to – JUMPING OF JOY!!!🎉🎉

You already know that I am nominated at Young Diva in Fashion Blogging at Digital Divas Awards 2017 by AVON. And please, please, pleaaase, vote me!!

Here comes the new part: I am also one of the Blogger Ambassadors for this event, which is a reason to be EXTRA HAPPY!!
Can you imagine this?? Girl!! 😱😱

Last year I was there, participating at this event, that’s true, but only as a spectator and now… Now I am nominated for the best New-Comer Fashion Blogger and an Ambassador among Romania’s most popular bloggers and celebrities!!

It is an honour for me to have a role in this big event and, also, I am so grateful I am were I am in such a short time!

Last year, when I participated at Digital Divas Awards 2016, a nomination as Castana was so far away in time, I couldn’t even imagine it. And now it is real. It doesn’t feel like it is, but yeah, I guess I’m living my dream.

Haha, have you seen how I said “I guess” so I would not look like I’m obsessed? Heh, I REALLY AM LIVING MY DREAM! Step by step, everything gets a contour and every little thought becomes real.

Guys, I can’t thank you enough! Without you I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t dare to dream this big. And I am so, so happy I can share these accomplishments with you because this is me. Why should I have happiness if I don’t have anyone to share it with?!

SOOOO EXCITED, can’t even speak!!

Don’t forget to vote me here! All you have to do is to enter your e-mail and then check your Inbox for the link. I am nominalised at the first category. You can vote for at least one category. Then press send, at the bottom of the page. Thank yoou!!

P.S.: Here you have the event’s Facebook & Instagram accounts, my Instagram account, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

✨ Little steps, big dreams ✨


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