Met Gala meets Comme des Garçons


Met Gala takes place every year, at the Metropolitan Musem of Art, and every gala has a theme. As you may already know, in 2015 was China, in 2016 was technology – see Zayn’s robot suit. ABSOLUTELY loved it! – and in 2017 the theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, due to the gallery that will be opened at MMA on May 4th. It must be highlighted that the show will be the first monograph show at the museum to focus on a living designer since its Yves Saint Laurent exhibit in 1983.

Last night, the magic happened. The Superbowl or the Oscars of Fashion met “one of the most important and influential designers of the past 40 years”, as Bolton commented on Who am I talking about? The founder and the designer of Comme des GarçonsRei Kawakubo.

Although this event was about Ms. Kawakubo and her talent, the dresses were the stars of the night. This may be mostly because it is absolutely forbidden to use social media during the event – that or you are Kylie Jenner and you can do whatever your a** wants.

So, we were talking about dresses. It was hard to pick, but I chose some outfits that I found interesting at Met Gala 2017: Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons. My shoutouts went, mostly, to the ones that respected the Avant-Garde theme and here are my thoughts:

I have to highlight that this is not a top, these are just the looks that I loved at this year’s Met Gala

Rihanna was really, really appreciated because she wore an original Comme, nailing the red carpet, as always. She looks like she is being swallowed by her dressed and that’s why her outfit is so commented: she is soooo avant-garde! Of course, you can either hate it or love it, there is no in between. Just take a second, be objective and you will discover how this dress must be one of the best dresses of the night! Wearing a full pink make-up with dark red lips, she took the theme to a whole next level.



Grace Hartzel was original and that’s why her look is one of my favourite. She wore a different kind of make up, with an all-black outfit. Her white face, with eeeextra-long eyelashes, dramatic eyebrows and strong, medium curls, made a perfect contrast with her outfit. You nailed it, girl!


Cara Delevingne. We all know Cara, we all love her. She is the definition of self-confidence, of beauty, of natural. She doesn’t mind going #nomakeup or going bold and she nails both of these. Her Chanel Haut-Couture SS17 Silver suit showed us all that a woman does not need a dress to look fabulous. She nailed this look and maybe it could have been more appropiate to last year’s theme, even though it has a little bit – more – of avant-garde. Her silver bald was the best hair style of the night! I said it! 


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ok, so I might be – really, and I mean REALLY – subjective when it comes to these two. I ship them. I couldn’t stand myself if these two would ever split up. They are goals. Of course, every fashionista wants Blake’s fabulous but simple life – with perfect dressing, perfect house, perfect soul perfect roles, perfect husband and perfect family. I know, me too! But look at these photos of them. See how they have everything, but all that matters for them is that they are together? That’s why I love them so much! They are the definition of simplicity. They are simple. You could jump into them in a random day at a caffee and they would pass the sugar and make a joke. They just are. And I really love that!


Jaden Smith

Jaden, Jaden, Jaden. I think your father laughs his a** out after seeing your Met Gala’s clutch. Because we all are. And in a good way. He f***ing wears his dreads as the latest Haute Couture clutch. I think this guy made his point in the past when it comes to his liberty of expression – see how he starred in  Louis Vuitton’s Womenswear Ads – , but this is really a statement. He does not try to make fun of us, but he used something we all could (at one point in our life) wear. And this is what a Fashion Icon does. Keep up the good work, Jaden!


Katy Perry

Co-chairing the event, she nailed the theme! The singer looked stunning wearing the colour of the night, RED, and looking like a bloody-bride. Everyone expected her to wear a Comme dress, maybe something like Rihanna’s, but no! Katy’s dress was definetly an apparition, a beautiful and avant-gardist outfit.



Zendaya is known for her afro outfits and this one is no exception! Her beautiful big, teased hair was everything and the parrot print Dolce&Gabbana dress highlighted her bronzy skin! I absolutely love this girl! She is everything!


Also, I was disappointed to observe that most of the men present at this event were wearing a simple suit and nothing avant-gardist, excluding Pharrell and Nick Jonas.

    I really think this year’s gala was one of the most complicated for the attendants, due to this dramatic theme. For us, the watchers, it was really interesting and exciting.

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And because I admired a lot more outfits, here you have more looks that nailed the Avant-Garde theme:


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