We are all influencers


Hello, darlings,

I’m here to talk with you about this really important matter that’s all around the world: the need of influencers. Good influencers. We all are one, but it’s us who decide either we are good ones or bad ones. We can talk about influencers in fashion, beauty, wildlife, business and so on. Every domain needs influencers.

You are an influencer in your circle of friends, in your high school or at work. And if you have a blog, an Instagram account with a big amount of followers, a vlog or even if you share your thoughts online, you are an even bigger influencer. And you should take advantage of that.

You don’t know how? That’s why this year’s Digital Diva Conference reunites one of the best ones in Entertainment from Romania, such as Bromania (Matei Dima), LikeOne(the two funny girls), Noemi Meilman etc. You can learn The ABC of Being an InfluencerHow to Work with Brands or Share the Inspiration with la crème de la crème!


Don’t worry, if you don’t have an invitation to this big event, you can click here, on the 17th of May, and watch the whole conference online and then the gala! Double win, right?! I knoow!!!!

You can find the schedule online, on www.digitaldivas.ro and more information about this event.

The Digital Divas Awards gala offers recognition to the best online projects in Fashion and Beauty categories such as: Young Divas in Fashion Blogging, Young Divas in Beauty Blogging, Best Photography in Fashion and Beauty Blogging, Digital Diva of the Year, People’s Choice Awards , Best Instagram Account, etc.

As you already know, I am nominated at Young Divas in Fashion Blogging and I would be grateful if you would wish me luck because I am so F***ING NERVOUS!!!!

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✨ Little steps, big dreams ✨

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