“Late” is my nickname


Well, hello, hello, my friends!

May I say, you have to know about me that I am not a punctual person. I am always late. ALWAYS. Okay, I know people that are worse than me (Vlad? Iustina? Here is your shoutout), but I can’t be on time.


So, after some hard, busy weeks, I am going to tell you about the Digital Divas Awards experience. ☺️

First of all, thank you for all of your votes! I am so grateful that I was nominated and, as I said to many of my friends, I really think that this is a good start! I mean, let’s be real: last year I came at Digital Divas as an attendant, this year as a nominee, maybe next year as a winner – who knows?! -. Thank you all for your appreciation! I have to say it means a lot to me to even be there and I think I am starting to live my dream!

Of course, I was late, but I got to see a part of the conference and the whole Gala, give two interviews, make some photos, catch up with some old friends and see my idol(s)(Sanziana Negru, that’s you, girl!).





Congratulations to all of the winners! You all deserve it! And to the organizers, as well! This year was way more beautiful and interesting than the last one and I admired the evolution of the Conference and the Gala. Hm… The wine… Meam! Sooo good! Loved it! I had so much fun and was amazed to see how many people came this year to the event! Congratulations, guyss!!




Thank you to Florin Grozea and Avon Space for the interviews! My first two interviews in my whole life!! Woww!!! Such a pleasure! I really admire Florin‘s lives and he is so talented. He takes THOSE interviews, to THOSE people, and being there, in a live, with him, on his Facebook Page, was so overwhelming! Thank youu!!!

So many thanks to everyone: to those who voted for me, to those who wanted to, but didn’t have the chance, to Florin & Avon Space, to Digital Divas Awards’ organizers, to the jury, to my mom who was there for me – by the way, funny thing, I just messaged the photographer of the event because I made a photo with her and I can not find it! :))) * when you want to surprise your mom * -.

Love you, guys, a lot, and I can not wait to see you again to the next Gala! I will come from Firenze especially for this event! I can not miss it!

See you soon!

P.S.: Sooo sorry for not posting on YouTube on Sunday!! I have some problems with my SD Card. I lost all of the photos and videos took in Italy & I have to go and repair it. I will post more often after I finish with my exams at the end of JUNE. WISH ME LUCK!!!

✨ Little steps, big dreams ✨



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  1. Good Luck, Princess!!! 💋 Și sa bem Șampanie peste o luna!

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