My morning essentials


When it comes to this topic, it is really simple: I need coffee. And it is not like I need coffee to wake me up, but I need the taste. I just love it and every single time I drink a cup of coffee it’s either in the evening or noon. Why? Because I have to go to my favourite coffee shop in the whole world: Starbucks!

Ok, I understand if you say that they are overpriced, don’t taste well or anything else, we all have different opinions. The thing is, I love them. I love the cups, the design, the smell, the taste, the ambiance. EVERYTHING! And those of you who follow me for a while, know that I am a really big fan of them and that there are 90% of you finding me in one of these coffee shops on Tuesdays.

It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary that, when I received the invitation to the 10th Anniversary of the second Starbucks opened in Romania, I jumped of joy! I was soooo f***ing happy, you can’t imagine! This is the very first invitation for me as a blogger and it is from Starbucks. It may be the brand that I am buying the most from and they are inviting me to their anniversary! :))) It’s like one of your crushes knows your name! You know? :))))


The event was so fun! The theme was the ’80s and they had this -limited edition- Espresso Martinis that taste A-MA-ZING!! I swear!! If you ever have the chance, taste it! It’s a little sweet with a lot of coffee and alcohol! Perfect for a night out!

Thank you so much for the invitation,Starbucks Romania! It was such a pleasure for me and I had so much fun!

✨ Little steps, big dreams ✨


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