Actually, you can!


Girl, do you ever look in the mirror and feel appreciated? Do you ever look in the mirror and feel loved? Do you ever look in the mirror, wearing that uber cute dress or not dresses at all and think about how beautiful you are? About how nice the light sparkles on your body?

If your answer is no, babe, you gotta make some changes. And I know, they say that you should love & appreciate yourself even if others don’t, but let’s be real, in a teenage girl/ young woman life, the love from her boyfriend is really important.

Even if you love yourself first and then fall in love with some a**hole, who does not respect you, does not show you how beautiful you are in his eyes, you will lose that appreciation and love you have in your heart.

If you see something beautiful, elegant when you look in the mirror, that’s great! But if you don’t see these things in the eyes of the person you love the most, when he is looking at you, that image in the mirror will fade.

And, baby, that’s not okay! This is not even right! You deserve someone to look at you and be so happy that everything around you fades. You are worth more than that stupid teenage boy that tries to be The bad boy.

Stop! Stop picking him over your friends, over your best friends! Stop being with him if he makes you give up to your passions, to your dreams! Stop seeing him if he tells you you can’t do it!
And I don’t mean stop loving him, because I know it would be hard. But be a little self-loving. Choose, once in a while, to pick something that makes you happy!

Girl, we are all gonna get through it, that’s how you will understand that you are the most important person in your life, that if you don’t pick yourself from the floor, no one else will. And I understand that you are in love, we all are. We are all a community of (young) women that were once heartbroken. But don’t hold on to something that makes you cry, makes you feel anxious, makes you lose your friends!

Don’t lose yourself over others, especially not a f***ing boyfriend. They all come and go. He will cheat on you even if you post 37820 photos when you have a date.

Please, wake up, you are so loved! You are so beautiful, so smart, so fragile and you have a world outside that can be yours at any minute. Don’t pick a stupid boy over a f***ing world!
Love yourself, love others, be kind to each other!

✨ Little steps, big dreams ✨

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