The Booty Era?


After the desperate need for a thight gap, girls nowadays crave for voluptuos bodies, like Marilyn’s. We can see that at Rihanna, Kesha and many more. Now even some fashion conglomerates had an agreement upon models weight and health. Countries decided to ban models that are “excessively thin”. That’s what we are going to talk about today.

Rihanna, after some bodyshaming articles, decided to post a video on Instagram – cuz that’s how you say what you got to say nowadays – hugging some snacks & chips and asking if someone said she was fat. Yeah, gurl, tell ’em!

We all know about how media talked for a long time about Kesha and Lady Gaga being “too fat”, and these are not the only feminine celebrities that had to go through media bullying after deciding to do whatever they want with their body.

Two of the biggest fashion conglomerates, LVMH and Kering, decided that it REALLY is time for that anorexic time to stop. “Female models will have to be a minimum French size 34 (a U.S. size 2) and a French 44 for men (extra small). Both companies have also agreed not use men or women under the age of 16 to model adult clothes.”, as says.

Also, Antoine Arnault, one of the LVMH directors, said that they “have the responsibility of building new standards for fashion and (we) hope to be followed by other players in our sector”.

After years of fighting against those irealistic runway underweight models, they finally realised that young girls need to have a diverse mood board of models, and pick their favourite, healthy one. We need to be unique, as women, in order to make this world work. And, let me say one more time, healthy! This really is a huge step, after Dior’s decission to have shapeless models, considering that you should focus on the design, not on the model.

Four countries – Spain, Italy, Israel and France – banned the use of fashion models deemed to be “excessively thin”. Other two – UK and Denmark – made a legislation slightly different, so they won’t force fashion industry’s hand. But, in reality, they all want the same thing: healthy, not stressed, not under pressure models.


I think we should all agree that now, the colth is just helping you to express your power, your happiness, your strength, and your body is just beautiful, doesn’t matter you height or weight.


Now, after all of these big decisions, I can’t help but ask: is this the start of a new era? Will the others conglomerates follow LVMH & Kering’s decision? Hope so. Because I totally enjoy this! Why? Simple! Finally, women don’t have to starve themselves to feel beautiful again. Oh, and because I love food. ❤️


Don’t forget! Stay healthy, because you are already beautiful ❤️



✨Little steps, big dreams ✨

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