The Booty Era?

After the desperate need for a thight gap, girls nowadays crave for voluptuos bodies, like Marilyn’s. We can see that at Rihanna, Kesha and many more. Now even some fashion conglomerates had an agreement upon models weight and health. Countries decided to ban models that are “excessively thin”. That’s what we are going to talk about today. Rihanna, after some bodyshaming articles, decided to post … Continue reading The Booty Era?

Un metru ș-un entuziasm

Salut, salut!!!🎊🎉 Iată că m-am întors cu o nouă postare și, așa cum mă știi, micuță, sunt toată numai un entuziasm!! 💕 Hai să-ți zic. Știi că în primăvară a fost un eveniment de modă pe care l-am ratat și m-am ofticat AAAATÂÂT de tare!! 😰 Aici mă refer la Spring Edition de la Grădina Botanică. Pentru că, deși este unul nou în industria modei, … Continue reading Un metru ș-un entuziasm

We are all influencers

Hello, darlings, I’m here to talk with you about this really important matter that’s all around the world: the need of influencers. Good influencers. We all are one, but it’s us who decide either we are good ones or bad ones. We can talk about influencers in fashion, beauty, wildlife, business and so on. Every domain needs influencers. You are an influencer in your circle of … Continue reading We are all influencers