We are all influencers

Hello, darlings, I’m here to talk with you about this really important matter that’s all around the world: the need of influencers. Good influencers. We all are one, but it’s us who decide either we are good ones or bad ones. We can talk about influencers in fashion, beauty, wildlife, business and so on. Every domain needs influencers. You are an influencer in your circle of … Continue reading We are all influencers

How to know which Univ. programme fits you best?

I go to seek a great perhaps Nowadays, every teenager is concerned about what he is going to do next, where to apply or what future career will he or she choose. The reason why it is like this is really simple: today, people have a lot more opportunities, a lot more jobs and university programmes to pick between. Today, citizens from around the world … Continue reading How to know which Univ. programme fits you best?